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Your feet matter

We spend a lot of our time on our feet, and they work hard for you every day, so it pays to treat them every now and again, and to check all is healthy and well.

As a foot health practitioner, I am here to help ensure your feet are well looked after, and to provide support and advice if you have any areas of concern. Take a look at my available services below, and feel free to get in touch. I am also available for other beauty treatments.

All foot care treatments are £20, and include a leg and foot massage at the end. There is an additional £10 for fungal or verruca treatment.

Also available toenail reconstruction - £10 per nail. This can be applied to an infected fungal nail.

Based in Rugeley I regularly work with clients in and around the area, including Litchfield, Stafford and Hednesford.


Fungal infections

Fungal problems, such as Athlete's Foot, can cause discolouration, dry skin, discomfort, and may risk further infections. I can take a look at your feet and advise you on the best course of treatment.

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Nail trimming

Enjoy clean, professionally cut toenails with my help. I'll ensure your nails are evenly cut and look great; you'll be getting your feet out whenever you can!


Nail treatments

Whether your toenails are thick, cracked, ingrown or otherwise not how you would like them to be, I offer a number of treatments that can help give you toes that you'll love.

Foot Massage

Corns and callus treatment and heel care

Corns and calluses are hard patches of skin on the feet (they can also appear on hands) that have a rough texture and can cause discomfort. I am able to treat the affected area and help you enjoy smooth feet once again.

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Whilst in most cases not serious, a verruca can cause itching, discomfort, and sometimes embarrassment. I use tried and tested techniques to treat the affected area.


Diabetes foot check

Diabetes affects millions of people around the world, and the feet can give early warning signs. If you are not able to check your feet, or are not sure how to, I am happy to take a look for the early warning signs, as described by Diabetes UK

Please note: this is not an alternative to seeing your GP; I still recommend checking with your GP if you have any concerns.

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Take care of your feet with the help of Sublime Beauty

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